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We deal with the cases entrusted to us in accordance with Act LXXVIII of 2017 on legal practice. These involve representing clients in and out of court, giving legal advice, drafting contracts, pleadings and other documents, and acting in all matters that fall within a lawyer’s remit under the law.

Data protection

Data protection, due diligence regarding data processing by businesses, and support for legal compliance (GDPR projects).

Tax law

Classification of contracts and contractual arrangements under tax law; requesting the Hungarian tax authority’s position on issues; participating in provisional tax assessment procedures; representing clients in tax suits.

Due diligence

Investigations of enterprises in relation to reorganisation, acquisitions, etc.; checks related to properties and real estate transactions; labour audits; legal screening in other civil, economic, data protection and administrative cases.

Property law

Drafting sales contracts for plots and residential property; projects related to the sale and purchase, urban planning and utilisation of industrial properties; advice on taxes and duties payable on acquiring properties; urban planning, reclassification of real estate; drafting deeds of foundation for multi-apartment buildings; complex advice on real estate transactions.

Real estate investments, acquisitions, building law

Providing full legal background for real estate investments; due diligence investigations of real estate transactions. Drafting building design and construction contracts; participation in building control authority and building inspection authority procedures.

Commercial law

Drafting commercial agreements, domestic and international sales agreements, agency contracts, supply and transport agreements; advice on and administration of consumer protection and quality certification issues.

Debt management and recovery

Participating in the review and assessment of client portfolios of debts and in the preparation of decisions on managing debts; representing clients in debt recovery cases and in related lawsuits, order for payment procedures, and enforcement and winding-up proceedings.

Labour law

Establishing and terminating labour relations and other employment relations; drafting contracts and sample documents; reviewing contracts of employment; drafting and reviewing internal employment regulations; labour audits; preparing and reviewing employers’ and employees’ measures; representation in legal disputes and lawsuits concerning labour law issues; tasks related to collective contracts and works councils.

Foreign authentication of documents

Advice on authenticating documents abroad (double taxation treaties, authenticating notarised signatures, apostille).


Classic representation of clients in court in civil, business and administrative proceedings. Advocacy in cases involving labour law, Health Insurance Fund (OEP) reimbursements, expropriation, passing off, lack of conformity, warranty, product liability, settlement, debt recovery, ownership, possession, liquidation and tax law.

Copyright and industrial property rights

Drafting software agreements, licence agreements, contracts for designers; advice on copyright issues; preparation of data protection and other informative materials for websites and online stores; representation in proceedings of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (mainly trade mark registration).

Drafting contracts

Drafting and reviewing articles of association, employment contracts, service contracts, supply contracts, sales agreements, lease agreements, distribution agreements, co-operation agreements, advertising and broadcasting agreements, software agreements, fleet management contracts, procurement contracts, supply contracts for energy carriers and other contracts.

Company law

Setting up and arranging changes to companies; drafting articles of association, instruments of incorporation, statutes, internal rules (board of directors, supervisory board, by-laws), drafting owners’ decisions; administering winding-up procedures; quota and share transfers; reorganisation of companies; acquisition of companies; due diligence investigation of companies.

Competition law and consumer protection

Advice on competition law cases; classification of transactions from the aspects of anti-trust, merger control and dominant position; advice on consumer protection regarding commercial processes; representing and advising clients in proceedings before the Hungarian Consumer Protection Authority and the Hungarian Competition Authority. Representation in passing-off actions.